unknown (joeshamo) wrote in internetpirates,

cause im both busy and lazy

im starting 3d artwork based around electronics/circutry. I was wondering if anyone had anything that they would be throwing away or in one way or another getting rid of. it doesnt matter what it is, alarm clocks, tvs, various electracal wires, computer parts, anything, literally. Especally if it's dead equipment, stuff that would otherwise be going into a landfill. i've been meaning to dumpster dive for stuff, but it just hasnt been happening. i've actually talked to a few business owners and manager about this matter and they're more than willing to give me stuff that they would otherwise throw away. I've been putting it off cause of all the shit going on with me, lets just say i need the winds of the storm to settle down. anyway, please contact me if theres anything you'd like to toss my way.

p.s. thanks to the guy from AZ for sending me all the crazy amounts of random computer stuff.

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