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LiveJournal for Pirates o' tha Internet.

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Subject:Torrent fans can win an iPod
Posted by:porn_keeper.
Time:3:16 pm.
Mood: content.
Two cool iPod Touches loaded with the best porn will be gifted for active participation in inviting new users to the porn tracker.

To win an iPod Touch get registered now and invite your friends to PornKeeper.com by using a unique reference URL available from your Promo Tools page. The first iPod Touch full of most exclusive videos will be raffled off among registered members who have invited more new active users* than other participants. The second device will be randomly raffled off to those who have used their URL and invited at least 20 new active users* to PornKeeper.com community.

You still have a chance to get involved with PornKeeper.com community and win one of our iPod Touches packed with the hottest sex movies! The second device will be randomly raffled off to those who have used their URL and invited at least 20 new active users* to PornKeeper.com community. Hurry up!

The competition will take place from May, 25 to Jun, 25. After the competition two iPod Touches will be given away to the lucky ones.

Hurry up!

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Posted by:bird_mad_grrl.
Time:9:41 pm.
I know this is not really related to Pirates but it's related to internet use and it's free to try it out and all.
Plus you can always sell it to someone afterwards and hack something or buy gear with the money you've maid.

When I first posted here about this free ipod thing many said it was a hoax.

Well here's a pic of me with my I love free ipods t-shirt and my 20 gig COLOR ipod box :)

I know the pic looks like hell but I HAVE A FREE IPOD!!!

This link is for my brother he definatly deserve his ipod too :)

Remember to complete an offer.
Gratis internet has a lot to offer for american residents.
It's stupid, a hassle and boring but you actually get something out of it FOR FREE.
The shipping is also FREE!

For the Canadians fellows the Canadian Tire offer is only 1$ and YOU GET INSTANT CREDIT!!!

There's also the columbia house that's pretty interesting. When I got my ipod they didn't ask for a credit card but it seems that they do ask for a credit card number now.

Anyways I am a living proof that this works now get yours :)
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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Posted by:thesysop.
Time:1:14 am.
Hey, any body know where international8 ran off to?...
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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004

Posted by:jon_meadowbrook.
Time:2:09 pm.
I do not quite understand wifi. does anyone have any links so i could learn more about how it works and how wardriving works?

i have posted this in other communities so skip if you have seen before.
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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004

Subject:Photo Manipulation
Posted by:real_stealz.
Time:4:47 pm.
Mood: hungry.
I can burn copies of Adobe Photoshop 7, and Paint Shop Pro 6. I saw someone was interested, so I thought I'd offer.

And seeing as how one of this community's interests is piracy, after all, I must plug my available titles at

God I love technology.
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Monday, March 15th, 2004

Subject:cause im both busy and lazy
Posted by:joeshamo.
Time:5:50 am.
im starting 3d artwork based around electronics/circutry. I was wondering if anyone had anything that they would be throwing away or in one way or another getting rid of. it doesnt matter what it is, alarm clocks, tvs, various electracal wires, computer parts, anything, literally. Especally if it's dead equipment, stuff that would otherwise be going into a landfill. i've been meaning to dumpster dive for stuff, but it just hasnt been happening. i've actually talked to a few business owners and manager about this matter and they're more than willing to give me stuff that they would otherwise throw away. I've been putting it off cause of all the shit going on with me, lets just say i need the winds of the storm to settle down. anyway, please contact me if theres anything you'd like to toss my way.

p.s. thanks to the guy from AZ for sending me all the crazy amounts of random computer stuff.

-x posted where applicable-
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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

Subject:PSP and Animation Shop?
Posted by:lovelybeautiful.
Time:11:07 pm.
Mood: confused.
Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could get good copies of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop?? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Thursday, December 4th, 2003

Subject:the price is right...
Posted by:international8.
Time:11:01 am.
deals, yo.
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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Subject:xbox 2 details...
Posted by:fakelikeyou.
Time:3:24 pm.
for those who care here's some news you might find interesting... at least i did...

microsoft decided to ditch intel and nvidia this time around...

a few months ago they announced that ATi will be developing their gpu for xbox2. and just recently they announced that thier systems will not feature intel mobo's or cpu's... instead sis has picked up the mobo side of things (audio, lan and all those features) while IBM PowerPC will be the chip used in the console... Ironically enough the same chip thats in macs...
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Friday, October 31st, 2003

Subject:CD Burning Problem
Posted by:shutupjosh.
Time:8:17 pm.
Okay, I keep trying to burn music CD's, and each time, when I go to listen to them in the CD-player, there's is major static on the tracks. It begins at about track 5 or 6, and gradually gets worse, till it gets so bad that the CD-player will not play it. I have tried listening to the CD's on several different players and it does the same thing. I normally burn with Roxio Easy CD Creator. The other day, I tried burning with Nero, and it did the same thing. I have upgraded Roxio but that didn't help. I defragmented my hard drive and that did not help, either. I don't know what else to do. I've tried cleaning the lense. I'm using Memorex CD-R's and I tried using Sony, but still have the same problem. I normally burn at a speed of 2x but I have even tried 1x, to no avail. Here is the weird thing: I can listen to them fine on the PC. But no stereo's or diskman's will play them without the bad static. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Can anyone tell me what I should do?
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Wednesday, October 15th, 2003

Subject:max payne 2
Posted by:fakelikeyou.
Time:4:07 pm.
its out. and up at suprnova... either way from what i hear this is suppose to be really good. i haven't finished the dl yet but i hear its amazing... have fun
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Monday, October 13th, 2003

Posted by:rwmidl.
Time:4:57 pm.
When did Cisco systems and Linksys join forces?

I've noticed on all new Linksys WAP's they are now sporting the Cisco Systems logo.
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Thursday, October 9th, 2003

Subject:more on the hl2 leak...
Posted by:fakelikeyou.
Time:8:39 pm.
it does in fact work. although not too well... extremely buggy and really not too impresive especially compared to the doom3 leak that's been out for a while now...

it does graphically look great, just nothing that doom3 isn't... then again while running the beta you can tell its obvioulsy not finished...

personally i'd say dl'ing it is a waste of time because of the size of it... and you might get like 10 minutes of playing the game out of it before youget sick of doing nothing...

it was up on suprnova at one point, but it appears they took it down. so if you want to dl it you might have to hunt it down yourself... have fun...
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Subject:hl2 leak
Posted by:fakelikeyou.
Time:8:55 am.
ok well aparently there's a leak of hl2 pre-gold beta. i downloaded it. its 1.4gigs and i'm extractiving it right now...

i've heard rumours that its got a virus on it. but i plan on formatting this week anyways...

if everythings ok i'll post more. but as for now everything seems a-ok...
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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

Subject:For All Your Home Networking Needs...
Posted by:international8.
Time:8:59 pm.
Almost forgot about this one... Newegg is offerring a KILLAR deal on Gigafast 8 port ethernet switches. $25 + $5 shipping - $25 mail in rebate... Five dollar switch anyone? offer expires 10/15 so act soon!
click me
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Friday, October 3rd, 2003

Subject:half life 2 leark...
Posted by:fakelikeyou.
Time:1:57 pm.
ok well since this is apparently big news i'll post what i know on it...

the half life 2 source code was leaked. this has been confirmed by valve.
the source code contained the code for half life 2, and team fortress 2.

it is now rumored that someon in korea has gotten ahold of a finished copy of half life 2.
the copy has not hit the warez scene yet. and no news on this leak has been confirmed...

i'll post an update if i learn anything new...
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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

Subject:When in Baltimore
Posted by:international8.
Time:11:56 am.
Check out the Free WiFi.

w00t St. Louis too
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Subject:another halo update...
Posted by:fakelikeyou.
Time:5:41 am.
ok well i figure some of you might have downloaded halo and not been able to play onine... well thats cause microsoft already patched it to v. 1.01 (before the official release too!) basically it made the private and public server crack not work... but 8 hours later fairlight released another crack. so online play is back up again...

and if you don't have the game yet... GO DL IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! its awesome... one of the best multiplayer gamnes i've ever played...
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Posted by:international8.
Time:12:17 am.

now this is cool. it examines the e-mail header and determines to whom you direct the violation. heh. you can download an eval copy for free, or use it's web based interface all you want. i'll be doing webbased, as it only supports outlook, outlook express and aol at the moment, i primarily use mozilla t-bird, anyway.
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Monday, September 29th, 2003

Subject:quick guide to bit torrent...
Posted by:fakelikeyou.
Time:3:41 am.
this is a fairly simple guide becasue bit torrent is a failry simple p2p program...

first the benefits of bit torrent:
-download from multiple users
-generally good download speeds
-sharing is required from all users (no leeches!!!)
-no waiting in line for a download
-resume downloading
-downloaded file errors are virtually non-existant
-files usually hit some bit torrent sites before they get to other p2p programs

ClickyCollapse )
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LiveJournal for Pirates o' tha Internet.

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You're looking at the latest 20 entries. Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 20 entries.